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My Story

As the owner of Creations by Mia, I am focused on providing all services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction My team and I will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

My name is Mia Crivaro and I am a fully licensed cosmetologist.

I started my company, Creations by Mia, in 2007. I had a passion for hair styling as a teenager and I began a career in wedding Beauty in 2004.

My specialties include weddings, all special occasions, boudoir, photo shoots, editorials and runway. I can work with anyone's personal style, ethnicity, hair texture and density, wigs and extensions. Throughout my journey of becoming a master stylist and make-up artist I had also cross trained for catering companies, floral design studios, wedding planners, and salons; making me fully knowledgeable in all areas of beauty, special occasions and weddings. Also, maybe, a little wedding obsessed!

I have dedicated my life to making women feel beautiful on their most important day. Creations by Mia provides not only a talented and professional service and staff but the utmost care, love and passion for making your special day & memories as perfect and stress free as possible!

💗👰🏻💗 Such a perfect shot!_Makeup & H


Q: Do you bring additional stylists?

A:  Yes and only the very best!

Depending on your final count of services I will schedule the proper amount of stylists needed. These stylists are also extremely talented women, some of which are business owners as well! 

Q: Do you provide a schedule?

A: Yes I do! Depending on the final count of services it is averagely a 4 1/2 hour time frame to complete all services. 

Q: Can we all pay separately

A: No. I only accept one full payment. I will send you a final bill a couple weeks before the wedding and after you agree, the total will be owed in one whole payment by one of these following payment methods:

♥ Check (due a week before), Venmo, Paypal (using friends & Family only), or cash. I recommend everyone paying you in advance and then you pay me however is most convenient.  

Gratuity, upgrades and add-ons can be paid day of and separately

Q: What if there is an emergency and  a stylist can not make it.

A: In the case of an emergency and I or another stylist can not make it to your wedding, other stylists will be called on to replace us. The quality of work will be the same, as my team is highly skilled.

If that person can not be replaced, the priority is the bride and she will be finished first and then the rest of the party will be handled as efficiently as possible. 

Q: How should I prep my hair?

A: I prefer hair that has been washed and dried fully the day before with some volumizing mousse . Some hair types do preform better two days after a wash and some prefer to wash the morning of. So, you do what you know is best. AS LONG AS IT IS DRY with little to NO conditioning products. Oils, moisturizers and conditioners weigh the hair down making curls very hard to stay. The dryer the hair the better!

Q: What should I bring and/or how should I prepare the room for styling, on the day of?

A. We bring just about everything! extension cords, an extra table, all styling equipment and products.

I would make sure you have some comfy low back or short chairs for hair styling. Office swivel chairs work great like a salon chair. Higher chairs or bar stools are excellent for makeup. Just make sure they are comfortable for you. We can usually work around anything you have. We normally work off of dining tables and or desks. Make sure these things are covered so you don't get a layer of hairspray film on top. Table cloths or towels work great, you can also use trash bags.

Q: How do you  figure travel costs?

A: Travel costs are different for each client.

If your location is an easy ride, 35 min or less, outside a city, there is no charge.

I factor in My time, Tolls, Parking, high traffic areas, etc. 

Travel can also be bartered for a hotel stay.

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