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Cold Sparklers


Our Spark Machines feature "Cold Spark Technology"  and are capable of producing a spectacular vertical fountain of white sparks from 5 feet to up to 10 feet high, and they are safe to the touch and cool as soon as the sparks are in the air. These cold spark machines produce minimal smoke and odor, unlike traditional fireworks or sparklers.

These units are designed to be used indoors with the appropriate ceiling height but can also be used outdoors with weather permitting ( Wind will blow the sparks away and ran will ruin the machines). They easily can be wired to up to 2 units at once firing off simultaneously to WOW your guests.

Sophia & Taylor-8220_edited.jpg


A fountain of cold sparks makes for an amazing wedding reception entrance or first dance. 

You MUST verify Cold Sparkler machines are approved by your venue before moving forward with the booking. If your venue does not allow Cold Spark machines then we may be able to give them a demonstration. We will do all we can to communicate with the venue about rules, regulations, and space and power requirements pertaining to Cold Sparkler machines. 

Select your date for availability and then book totally online!

Fill out the form below to request more information or to bundle the Cold Sparks with "Dancing on a Cloud" 

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