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Dancing on a Cloud


Add romance and style to your first dance with our magical Dancing on a Cloud effect.

Our Cloud machine uses dry ice and water, not chemical 'fog juice', to create a low-laying fog that stays close to the ground for approximately one song and then disappears.

There is no sticky residue or moisture left behind on fabrics or surfaces and no risk of setting off a venue's smoke alarms.

dancing on a cloud_edited.jpg


A magical Cloud makes for an amazing first dance. 

You MUST verify Cloud machines are approved by your venue before moving forward with the booking. If your venue does not allow Cloud machines then we may be able to give them a demonstration. We will do all we can to communicate with the venue about rules, regulations, and space and power requirements pertaining to Cloud machines. 

Select your date for availability and then book totally online!

Fill out the form below to request more information about smaller parties or to bundle the Cloud with the Cold Sparks  

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