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Creating a Budget for Your Wedding

The dreaded wedding budget.

Even though we try to avoid this subject, it is very important to create a realistic budget to stick to for your wedding day. Wedding costs can get out of hand and if you aren't keeping to a budget then you can get into some serious debt. So, I am going to give you lots of great tips and some helpful apps and websites to makes things effortless for you, and keep your wedding budget on track.

Your vendors should see your budget exactly like you do; "What is the most we can get out of this to make this even more of a perfect and awesome wedding!"

Money is one of those things that we don't really like talking about with other people.

it's a very uncomfortable topic for most. As a vendor you almost feel nervous telling someone your price list because your afraid they wont hire you or something, and as a bride you don't want to tell your vendors how much you can spend. And that's for two reasons. One is that you may feel uncomfortable thinking you don't have enough, and dreading that weird side eye reaction to your measly wallet size or you don't want them price scaling you. Which means making costs higher because you have more money to spend. Let me tell you right now, please do not be scared of this. No vendor should be altering their prices like that. A great sales person will give you more to buy but Never raise the prices because your well off.

Honestly, If you believe at any time someone has raised their prices just because of your higher budget. I would back out, because they are looking right at your money and not being good business people with good practices. Your vendors should see your budget exactly like you do. what is the most we can get out of this to make this even more of a perfect and awesome wedding! We want you to rave about us! WE also want all of those incredible photos of your amazing wedding to share in our advertisements and social media accounts! On a business point of view, the cooler your wedding is while staying inside your budget makes us all happy. So, don't be afraid to share that budget.

Asking for discounts...

Now, this brings me an uncomfortable Topic; asking for discounts. Now if you are asking for a discount on products being sold like favors or clothes, that is understandable because its a product not a service. Normally, a seller will buy their products from a wholesaler in bulk and then resell in their stores to you. And so they can work the price, no problem there. All they are basically doing is being a middle man.

But when it comes to a service you are buying, I would recommend not to ask for discounts. Find someone in your price range. Your photographer, hair and makeup, DJ, wedding planner, they are all working for you. From the time you hire them until the wedding you are technically our boss and that price we give is our wage. Depending on our experience and what we do, is how we adjust that personal cost.

Personally speaking, I invest a lot of money into my hair and makeup supplies so I can provide each client with the best service she can possibly get. So when someone asks me for a discount, I can not help but to cringe. If I am going to be super completely honest and transparent, inside I'm a little insulted and i just want to say, "Hey I am worth this."

Let me put it to you like this.

Imagine you are sitting at your desk or register at work and your boss comes over and says, "Hey! I have all this work I am going to give you, so much that I will need you to personally hire more people to help you get it done faster because I have a tight time frame. Can you do that for less money an hour? You can imagine your reaction.

I can totally see the brides point of view too though, you're like, "Here is all this work I am offering you."

But remember, it is work. With all the costs that go into hiring help and products, the time and attention, not to mention the actual work can be quite back braking.

Just ask any makeup artist after a couple clients how her back feels or a photographer how her feet feel after 8 hours.

Rather, ask what you can get for that amount you have in your mind. Compromising can be a wonderful thing. For example: if someone was to say to me, "I need hair and makeup for me and all these people but I only have so much money. What would have to happen for me to hire you at this price range and get this done?"

Oh my gosh, I would definitely work with you. I would give you so many ideas and options. I think a lot of vendors would respond positively to that and would help you come up with some great alternatives with neither of you losing money.


Another thing is to ask what they offer for that cost.

Most people after, seeing what I have in my kit and all that comes with that one price i give, really feel like its way worth the amount. I mean, other artists may be cheaper but everything is so ala cart that it ends up being the same or more anyway,

Don't afraid to ask questions about what you are getting for your money.

One more great way to get those vendors you love without breaking the budget would bartering, I have done work for tattoos, and photos. If you have a job that you can use to your advantage do it! If you are a lawyer offer to write up a contract for them. If you are a graphic artist ask if they need any ads done. Don't be afraid to speak up when it comes to offering services for services or letting them know you are willing to compromise. It shows us that you respect and appreciate us and our service.

and personally I Love when I have the opportunity to do that.

Most people have no clue what a wedding costs now a days and normally people underestimate their budgets by a couple thousand dollars.

I am going to give you some tips on how to get the best idea of what your cost would be. First, you will need to know the average costs per location.

Because a wedding in NJ will Not be the same cost as one in Alabama .

So to get that average, in the location you want to host your wedding, head to the website , This handy website collects data according to location!

Just put your zip code in and answer a little questionnaire and wallah The average cost pops up. Now remember, this cost is average so it doesn’t include all the works but it isn’t being thrifty either. So if you have fantasies of ice sculptures and a live band you will need to figure in those additional costs.

This estimate is normally a like a venue that does all inclusive packages including the cake, linens , cocktail hour dinner, drinks, champagne toasts. You know that normal wedding most people have. We are not talking about museums, farms, historical sites or places like that.

This estimated cost also includes the average DJ., photographer, hair and makeup, your ceremony site, flowers, and efficient.

Again, if you want to cover your entire isle in red roses, have a music video created, and a stylist of the stars do your hair and makeup, the price will definitely go way way up. So, make sure you account for all those extras that you want.

Now if you aren’t sure what state to choose. Maybe your partner is from New York and your city is Philadelphia but all your families are in Florida and you really are not sure but a huge price difference could make all the difference

head on over to to find out the average cost of weddings state by state! I found that website very interesting. and found out that NJ is actually more expensive to host a wedding then NY and LA! Hawaii was the only one to actually beat us. It is a very interesting article with lots of great facts so I definitely recommend checking that out

Now wedding planners are fabulous and I do recommend them more for people with larger budgets or couple that are just lead busy lives and need someone else to take the lead. I also would recommend them to a couple that is super stylish and trendy and wants to utilize a Planner that has vision and taste and you will use as more of your wedding designer. If that is not you then sites like

Are great choices for not only to keep that budget in check but helping with all your planning. providing lists of vendors in your area, and reviews, forums to speak with other couples and so much more

It’s absolutely necessary to get organized with budgets and planning because the cost of weddings can get overwhelming and can get super stressful. You want this experience to be exciting and bring you as a couple closer. Your wedding planning should never be causing stress or resentment in the relationship. Being proactive with a budget and the planning keeps everything g running smooth and is sure to keep the arguing down to a minimum lol !

When you both sit down and go over your wants and needs and what can be done and what can’t just remember that each person has a right to be heard and respected. You may think that your partner is ridiculous for needing the personalize chair signs saying bride or groom that they #Pinterest from #Etsy 5 years before you even met. But remember they dreamed of this day and having that stuff you find crazy. So try to work together it will be good practice for so many things in your future to come!

And remember there are always ways to cut cost without asking for discounts or missing out!

Don’t go nuts with expensive jewelry. You can grab some amazing pieces that look like real diamonds and nobody will know the wiser. Or maybe like The amazing Emily

Keiffer said last week on my Podcast episode 3, a different stone can save you so much but provide a unique and personal twist.

For Hair accessories, don’t buy these or your veil from the bridal shop. Look around for second hand, or on Etsy. I make hair accessories for my clients all the time! You can also use some fake flowers or some real ones from your floral designer.

Cut costs with your flowers. No need for everyone to have huge bouquets filled with roses for your party, the flowers will be in only a few photos anyway so maybe just an accent flower with some greenery will do! Like queen Ann’s lace and freesia.. which I heard lasts up to like three weeks in a vase!

Sun flowers and daises are cheep flowers too and you can just hold a few to make a statement. Simple and pretty!

Don’t over think your favors. It’s always a nice touch but most get left on the table or end up in a junk drawer. Something editable like Hershey kisses are a perfect favor and since they will get eaten up there is no need to even personalize them. You can also let your guests know your center prices are up for grabs. I have seen table games where people win the center pieces.

If you get a photo booth, you can do the photo strip frames and that way everyone has a framed photo strip to remember always!

So with some research, organization, and compromise along with helpful apps to keep everything running smoothly you and your partner will not only stay on budget but you will have an incredible wedding day!

Enjoy your wedding planning!

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