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Should You do a "First Look"?

A First Look is when a couple decides to see each other for the first time all done up, before the ceremony, in a private setting.

The tradition of Not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony is becoming something of the past as more and more couples start putting practicality over tradition. This is mainly due to the fact that most weddings have stepped up dramatically from the way we once knew them and no couple wants to miss a thing!

Looking your best

A first look is done before the ceremony so all photographs of the couple, wedding party and family are generally taken at this time.

Getting photos done first thing means everyone’s hair and makeup will be at its best. Now, I pride myself on making sure everything stays all day long but somethings can be out of your stylists control. Like emotions, rain or heat. If people are sweating or in the sun getting red, crying and rubbing at their eyes & nose or it’s raining and you aren’t covering up, by the time photos come around you may be Wishing you had a stylist by your side. Of course, you can always pay someone to do that but if that’s not in your budget, the First Look insures that all the photos will be of your absolute perfection.

Photography is not an option

You will want to remember your day forever!

Photography normally is happening during cocktail hour and the couple misses the entire thing. Most places promise you some food from it placed in the suite but normally you don’t get to enjoy that either.

Photography can take a long time since most couples want a variety of amazing shots. And no one should have to sacrifice this because you will want those to have to remember your day forever.

Keeping all the wedding party and family moving smoothly through photographs can be a challenge in its self and this could mean your bridal party and family are missing everyone’s favorite hour.

If you made a time gap after the ceremony and before the reception for photos that can work great for you and your party. However, your guests are now in limbo for an hour or so and usually either end up at the bar or skipping your ceremony entirely and just going to the reception.

Personally, I think the First Look produces some of the prettiest photographs. There is no one around but your soon to be Bride or Groom and of course the photographer. You can set the location anywhere you want and do it however you wish. I love when there is a tiny bridge that you both could meet on or a Path in a garden. The moment they turn around and see you for the first time, is perfectly captured and you are both able to share that genuine reaction privately and comfortably.

Utilize Cocktail Hour

Dance the night away!

Cocktail hours are for mingling and if you’re not missing cocktail hour you can spend that time not only enjoying all the yummy food that you spent no doubt a fortune on but also making your way around the room thanking people for coming. This is normally something that is done during the wedding. Most couples that have done this will tell you that they never got a chance to sit down and eat, some barely spent any time with there new spouse. You both spent a lot of time, energy and money on this beautiful affair to celebrate you finding the love of your lives and you should enjoy each and every bit of your very special occasion.

Even if you are not a couple that is progressive or unconventional, the First Look is definitely something to consider because of the practicality and intimacy of it. Besides, It’s good to make new traditions that fit into this amazing world we have created with weddings and celebrations. With modern times comes new beliefs and a better history behind those traditions.

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